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             Hello and thank you for popping by!

I’m Ellena and this is us, a family of six who are living some people’s idea of a dream on the outskirts of Bristol.  We live with my extended family – my Dad, my Mum and Stepdad, my sister, her husband and their two lovely boys.  After years of talk, we took action, sold our individual properties and pooled our resources to purchase a property beyond our wildest dreams.  Everyday, we now get to enjoy ten acres of woodland, sweeping views of the Welsh hills, the company of each other and onsite logistical support.  Fortunately, our living arrangements mean that we have our own residences with separate front doors and a welcome degree of privacy.  Our “estatemates” may make an appearance in the blog at some point, but for now, here’s a bit about us….




Ellena.  40-something, a mother of four, professional plate spinner and invariably plate smasher.  I spend my days trying to get the most out of life when the children have taken up most of my time, money and energy.  I am a lover of all things ridiculous, have an insatiable passion for travel and an inexplicable phobia of (and I can barely even type it…) cotton wool.  My aim is to instil my kids with a sense of free-spirited wanderlust, fun and adventure.  It’s a work in progress and not the smoothest of journeys.



The Captain. The only man I have ever met who can fashion a flawless turtle costume from a sleeping bag, leaving me with just one option – to marry him. A brilliant Dad who struggles with the domestic side of family life.  He has an exceptional ability to create fun and eke out adventure and for that, we’ll overlook his awkward vegetable preparation and dishwasher loading disasters.  He often seeks refuge in the quiet of his garage with a variety of two-wheeled friends.


The Chaos….


#1 (Kai) is nine.  He can often seem a bit shy and awkward to the outside world, but at home on the ranch, he definitely asserts himself as the eldest of the pack. He loves the XBox (good behaviour permitting) and army battles with his cousins.  He’ll always pull the short straw as the first born, but he’s happy to lead the way.

#2 (Thea) is eight.  Mummy’s little helper who makes the logistics of four children that bit more manageable. She has the best mindset of anyone I have ever met and is willing to give anything a go.   She’s happiest on two wheels with the wind in her hair and a teddy riding pillion.

#3 (Nico) is six.  Our gentle giant who gives the best bear hugs and is prone to horrendous nosebleeds.  He happily adapts to playing with his big brother, big sister or little sister but will equally spend hours on his own with his Lego or Star Wars figures.

#4 (Carys) is four.  She’s our curly-haired feisty one with the stamina of a child far beyond her years.  She is easygoing, self-sufficient and tough as old boots.  As the youngest and final piece of our family jigsaw, she’ll always be our baby.

If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to wing me an email –  I’d love to hear from you!


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